Case Study One


The local chapter of an international dentists association structured their annual dentist’s conference in Hyderabad, India in December 2018. The local chapter members are dentists from India, Srilanka and Nepal. The events in the conference include Convocation, induction for fellowship programs and scientific programs (Paper Presentations, live workshops by national and international speakers, etc.) for the practicing dentists and students of dentistry.


The organizers approached ‘GA Digital Solutions’ 3 months before the event to structure online promotions to

  • Increase awareness of the conference to Dentists in India, Srilanka and Nepal
  • Drive in registrations for the Conference

Proposed Solutions

Understanding the time available, the audience to be reached out to, the channels that best can serve the objectives and budget allocated for the activities, GA Digital Solutions proposed the following channels to the client and it was easy as the client has been contemplating the same:

  • Social Media (and not search engine promotion as target audience may not get to search engine for the info). Facebook was the first choice while the other channels like instagram, pintrest, Google Plus and Twitter were also considered.
  • E-mail marketing to the identified dentists groups (practicing dentists and students)
  • SMS marketing to the identified dentists groups (practicing dentists and students)

Though tele-calling would have helped meeting the two objectives, this channel was not actively taken forward by the client.

Campaign Execution

Though we have started off in September 2018 with organic promotions in Social Media building the conference page followers across the channels (FB, Insta, Pint, Twitter, etc.), we could quickly realize the need for quick reach with the limitations of takeoff time the organic promotions would need in meeting the objectives (reach and registrations for the conference) and the time available. We have initiated paid social media promotions.

Content marketing remained the key of all the promotions. We started off with

  • Awareness ads trumpeting the benefits of the event to the target audience (Students, practicing dentists and key opinion leaders). Although the aim was complete awareness, all the ads carried a link to the Registration Page.
  • For Paid Facebook Advertising we took a mixed approach with various ad formats, including Video, Image and Carousels – each mapped to the different target audiences

What worked?

Lookalike Audiences

Lookalike Audiences proved to be very valuable, driving 24.19% of all clicks to the Registration page of the website from our Paid Campaigns. The experiment with Facebook Lead Gen Ads shed more light on the effectiveness of using Facebook Lookalike Audiences to discover prospects that might not be on the radar. For this conference, we saw this manifest in reaching Dentists and Dental Colleges from two of the Target Markets that were difficult to pin down on LinkedIn.

Lead Generation Ads:

The Conference Registration form was very long on the website. We tried Facebook’s Lead Generation Ads to a Lookalike Audience to see if we could generate enquiries for Registrations that were otherwise put off by the long registration process on the registration page of the website. The Lead Gen Ads proved a great success; generating 20-25 avg leads daily. Of these, 14 were unique new enquiries from people who had not been reached before by other marketing channels. We ran this test very late in the campaign and incorporated Lead Gen ads.

How did we fare? The data tells the story

  • Awareness
    • 20% traffic growth week-on-week (9-12 weeks). Extremely tricky due to this being a Dental Conference and target audience is only Dentists
    • Promoted in 100+ Dental groups
    • Average post reach: 3K-4K
    • High user engagement
  • Enquiries about the conference
    • 535 directly from Social Media
    • 608 enquired directly (Google Directory and through website) but had first heard of the event via Social Media
    • Total 1163 (enquiries from Social Media promotion)


Social Media is not just a fluff channel. Social Media promotions can build awareness of the brand/ event and it’s an excellent B2C channel delivering the RoI. Apart from the communications internally within the dentists association, for the conference, Social Media promotions was the largest marketing activity done by the conference organizers.