Top 5 digital marketing trends in 2020

The digital marketing trends are moving in fast pace with new strategies and new approaches to market the business. There are some hundreds of courses and thousands of sales funnel explainers on marketing. Though old tactics works well, new tactics will always show the best marketing outcomes. Marketers have to stay updated with the trends to be at the top of the list. Here is the summary of top 5 marketing trends you need to check in 2020.

Switch to Creativity, Boring stuff is almost dead
The boring social media content is not even getting a view as people are scrolling down and down to check what is trending and engaging. Creative posts that adds emotion is the new trend that boosts the marketing today. The high quality consumable content is what everyone is looking, always put yourself in the place of visitors while creating the content and think about what they want to check and interact with.

Go with Shoppable posts
Shoppable posts are already trending over two years now, now, 2020 has witnessed an explosion of these posts with out of the box integrations with the third party applications. The buying impulses are triggered in a better way through the feeds and stories. The ecommerce businesses are realizing the impact of social and ecommerce sales and skyrocketing the traffic. These type of interactive ads can minimize the bounce rate as customers can experience the seamless online shopping experience.

Interactive Mailers
Emails that are more interactive and engagement based emails has become the top trend in 2019 and continues its pace in 2020. The email consumption, design and delivery is optimized and we can expected more plain text and more interactive email like Google AMP for Gmail. The dynamic content can boost the user engagement and entice them to convert into the potential customers as they no need to route to another pop up to take action instead they can do it from the mailer itself which boosts the conversion rate.

Multi -channel social connectivity
Marketers are targeting more and more potential buyers and existing customers across the web who like to channelize with them in a preferred messaging channel. The messaging apps are taking opportunity to provide the new API between the businesses and consumers.Apps like whatsapp, Messenger, We chat aren’t just restricted to the personal use, but they are limited to private API. They are very flexible with the automated bots with full-fledged marketing technology that is available in the market.

Adopting to Voice based search
Voice search is the top pick in the marketing. More than 50% online searches are voice based and it is predicted to move the percentile more in 2020. Today businesses are turning their product catalogues into a complete voice enabled marketplaces and attracting the customers by reaching their comfort levels. As a result, they are providing the best customer experience with intended results.

Digital marketers has to look into the above trends and follow up in their marketing strategies to get the best possible outcome and overall success in marketing for their business.

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