'Gunnam Associates', a partnership firm was founded in the year 2011 by Venkat Gunnam and Satya Devi to undertake business studies assessing market opportunities, competitive intelligence studies, epidemiology studies, etc. The firms first and only client then was Datamonitor PLC (part of Informa PLC) undertaking projects in Healthcare domain. One of the successful project that was executed then include 'Biosimilars Tracking' in the background when the EU and US regulations was evolving.

In the second quarter of 2012 while pitching for a market research opportunity to a group of Non-Resident Indian physicians, Venkat Gunnam received an opportunity to establish a online healthcare platform for healthcare stake holders in India. The opportunity was taken up shelving the activities of 'Gunnam Associates'and Venkat moved on to establish 'DesiMD Healthcare Private Limited' in India. He led the operations during the period June 2012 - September 2018 driving in evolving new age business models of preventive care, healthcare aggregator, virtual health management, digital marketing services, etc.

The journey of 'Gunnam Associates' was reinitiated when Venkat Gunnam had an opportunity to pitch and acquire Digital Marketing business of 'DesiMD Healthcare' in 3rd quarter of 2018 and a new business division at 'Gunnam Associates' was carved out in December 2018 as 'GA Digital Solutions'.

'GA Digital Solutions' focuses on inbound marketing services - from Branding to generation of enquiries online and conversion of the enquiries to business across the industries. We believe every business is unique and their business dynamics are unique. Hence we take a consultative approach in our services first understanding our clients business, their unique offerings, what their customers find a value, competitive landscape, positioning of the services/ client, etc., and then drive the promotions through the best digital channel that can give the desired results while managing their online reputation. One of the core selling proposition of 'GA Digital Solutions' is RoI based activities.